Innovation incubator

In the Evomed Group, we are committed to innovation and advancement in the field of health. We believe that the best ideas can come from physicians, veterinarians, and passionate individuals who seek to improve the health and well-being of both people and animals.

If you have an idea related to our products or have an innovative project in mind, we would love to hear from you and consider ourselves as an advisory and investment partner.

At Evomed Group, we value creativity and future-oriented thinking. We are interested in collaborating with brilliant minds who share our passion for improving health and are willing to carry out innovative projects in the field of medical products.

Do you have an idea to improve existing products in the market or to develop something completely new? Are you looking for resources and support to carry out your project? In the Evomed Group, we are open to considering investment proposals for innovative projects.

Our experience in manufacturing and distributing medical and veterinary products, along with our network of professionals, allows us to provide support and guidance in the development and commercialization of new ideas. In addition to financial investment, we also offer a wide range of resources and knowledge to help take your project to the next level.

If you believe your idea has the potential to make a difference in health and you would like us as investors, we would love to meet you. Please reach out to us to share your proposal and explore possible collaboration opportunities.

In the Evomed Group, we are committed to innovation and actively seek opportunities to support and back entrepreneurs and visionaries in the field of health.

Join our network of innovators, and together let's make the brightest ideas a reality!


¡Gracias por considerar a Evomed como un posible socio estratégico! Estamos emocionados de escuchar tus ideas y explorar oportunidades de colaboración. Ponte en contacto con nosotros para comenzar la conversación.